Cryotherapy Christchurch

Meet Chris Hoffman

The owner and founder.

Chris is a Polish-Kiwi serial entrepreneur, passionate about innovative products that improve human lives.

Chris has always been an active sportsman, beginning with a pro career as a volleyball player. Over the years, he has also been intensively working out at the gym. Unfortunately, like many athletes in their forties or fifties, he developed back injuries that made him search for unconventional treatments to support physiotherapy sessions and speed up the recovery.

This is how he came across Cryotherapy that instilled in his mind an idea to bring such innovative practices to New Zealand.

A few years passed

Chris realised that it was time to enjoy life more and downscale his attention-demanding construction business and look after his body more as well. That was when he began seriously considering a Cryotherapy centre in his hometown of nearly 20 years – Christchurch.

He discussed the idea with friends in the professional sports, physio and beauty therapy worlds, who affirmed a need for such a centre in New Zealand. Ultimately those conversations and a personal interest influenced him to purchase a property for a ground-up purpose-redevelopment and place an order on Europe’s leading Cryotherapy equipment.

Two years later, Chris accomplished his plan. He had finally established the CRYO SYSTEM in Christchurch. The centre is now available to people, including Chris himself, who want to make the most of the natural and life-changing treatments.


Wonder why choose the CRYO SYSTEM?

We bring you New Zealands leading Cryotherapy centre, fitted with world-leading European equipment, used worldwide by top football and rugby clubs, Olympic athletes, celebrities, and now well-being appreciating Kiwis as well.

Europes Best

Choose the best technology, developed over a twenty-year period and already adopted worldwide.



Enjoy equipment and treatment programmes, developed by industry champions.



Health and wellness benefits for the entire body granted by nature.



Tailored treatments for your specific requirements.

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